Citizens Advice Stockport becomes DigiKnow Alliance partner

Citizens Advice Stockport has announced it is now a partner in the DigiKnow Alliance; joining established partners, Stockport Council, Starting Point, Stockport Homes, The Prevention Alliance and Good Things Foundation. 

The DigiKnow Alliance is a network of existing community groups and organisations across Stockport, working to support people in their communities to gain digital skills and confidence. 

Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Stockport said; “I am pleased our organisation has joined the DigiKnow Alliance as a partner. The Alliance has done some fantastic work across Stockport creating a fantastic network, operating in the heart of the community, supporting people get the skills and knowledge they need to get online. 

“Far too often we see clients who are disadvantaged because they either don’t have access to the internet, or they don’t have the skills to get online. 

“Getting the best deal on your energy, applying for a job, or applying for Universal Credit all require access to the internet, making the DigiKnow Alliance such an important program for our communities.” 

Research suggests that there are 50,000 people in Stockport that still lack the basic digital skills they need to participate in today’s online world. 

Zoe Howard, from Good Things Foundation said: “We’re delighted to see Citizens Advice Stockport join the DigiKnow alliance. The alliance is doing great work in closing the digital divide, supporting the people of Stockport to improve their digital skills and take advantage of everything technology can offer. With Citizens Advice Stockport on board I know we’ll be able to reach many more people’

More information on the DigiKnow Alliance can be found visiting the website;




  • The DigiKnow Alliance is a partnership with Stockport Council and leading social change charity Good Things Foundation - alongside Starting Point, Stockport Homes, The Prevention Alliance, and Citizens Advice Stockport. 

  • The Citizens Advice service covering Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale and Trafford is a partnership including Citizens Advice Pennine West and Citizens Advice Stockport working together through a formal collaboration agreement to jointly deliver services in the local authority areas. 

  • Together in 2018/19, the charity helped 35,000 unique clients with 74,500 issues 

  • The top three advice issues are; Benefits & Tax Credits (includes Universal Credit), Debt, and Housing. 

  • In 2018/19 across Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale and Trafford £10.1 million extra income was gained by 1,700 clients. The service also supported £3 million worth of debt to be written off or rescheduled for 200 clients.